Cambria Countertops Provide Contemporary, Long-Lasting Style

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As kitchen designers, we work with many Toronto clients who are interested in creating a space that has a contemporary feel, but is not going to look dated in a few years.

For such clients, we are proud to recommend that they consider Cambria stone counter tops.

Cambria provides stunning quartz surfaces for high-end kitchen counter tops. We like the elegance and sophistication these counter tops bring to our client’s homes.

We often recommend Cambria counter tops for several reasons:

Cambria’s products are made with design principles in mind. Cambria has worked to make sure it has a broad palette of options so that its counter tops can fit into almost any kitchen concept. We appreciate the versatility and uniqueness that Cambria can offer.

Because quartz is less porous than granite, Cambria counter tops do not require periodic resurfacing the way that granite counter tops do, meaning there is less upkeep and expense down the line.

Cambria’s counter tops also do not require toxic finishing chemicals and do not “off-gas” chemical fumes over time, so they are considering healthier for families and better for the environment than other types of stone counter tops.

We also know from experience that Cambria’s materials are of the highest quality. We have looked into working with various other companies, but it is the integrity and beautiful look of Cambria counter tops, as well as the excellent customer service that Cambria provides, that led us to be interested in working with this company. We would never recommend our clients use a material we wouldn’t use ourselves, so that’s why we often suggest Cambria.

For further information, you can contact us. You could also visit Cambria’s website, in particular its online photo and video gallery or their new downtown studio located at 91 Parliament St, Toronto.