Design Choices For the Country Style Kitchen of Your Dreams

Kitchen Design

A country kitchen radiates warmth and hospitality. Its rustic appearance is not limited to farmhouses and cabins, but can even be a complementary design in modern and traditional homes. Creating a weathered and lived-in look is often key to embodying the true essence of a country kitchen. From the colour scheme to the floor beneath your feet, a country kitchen design turns the room into a beautiful and inviting space. 

Colour Choices

Country kitchens are often filled with earthy tones, such as, browns and greens. Soft cream and weathered whites are also excellent choices to include in your design. Don’t be afraid to use bolder colours as well; blues, yellows, golds, and reds are great accent colours that can be included in backdrops and accessories placed sparsely throughout the kitchen.


Cabinets used in country kitchens are generally made of wood and tend to appear natural. If you are not a fan of the natural look, you can choose to paint your cabinets white or an earthy green. Other colours will also work, such as, cream or a dull blue or yellow. Distressing your cabinetry is another technique you can use to create the country look. Adding a few open cabinets or having clear or wire grille panels is a common style choice. Brass or gold vintage appearing knobs and handles are a great way to finish your cabinets’ look.

Countertops and flooring

In keeping with the natural theme, your countertops should be simple and understated. Butcher block and granite counters are wonderful materials to use. You do not want your counters to overpower and outshine the other aspects of the room. A natural material, such as, wood, or stone are great flooring options for the space. Whether you pick a dark or light material, depends on the room’s colour scheme.


The right rustic accessories bring a country kitchen design together. Visiting antique shops to find vintage or used decor can add to the weathered atmosphere of the space. If the room is large enough adding a distressed wooden table and chairs creates a welcoming environment. Vases of fresh flowers and a collection of brown baskets to store kitchen necessities in are also wonderful additions to the room. Remember, the accessories you choose should not clutter your kitchen. Keeping the space airy and inviting is your goal, and adding too many accessories will have the opposite effect.

Once you’ve decided a rustic, but elegant country kitchen remodel is in your future, please contact us for a consultation. We will use our 50 plus years of experience to create a kitchen design you’ll love.