Design Ideas For Your Contemporary Kitchen

Kitchen Design

The last thing you want is for your kitchen to look outdated. After all, this room is the hardest-working in the house and a center of activity. A contemporary kitchen style can really inject new life into your home. In general, this is a clean and modern style that you can stamp with your own personality. Here are some ideas to really make your contemporary kitchen stand out.


Your countertops are one of the main focal points of your kitchen, and the key here is for something sleek and sophisticated. Think pure white or solid black countertops in quartz or marble, or perhaps something more unique like slate, stone or concrete. You’ll want your countertops to make a statement and really get noticed.


Think about what you can put on your walls to really set off your countertops. How about a geometric pattern in shades of black, silver and white? Subway tiles are timeless yet can be edgy. A bold mosaic, perhaps with bright colours, can also look fantastic here.


Contemporary cabinets should be sleek and spare. Try injecting colour here; how sophisticated would red, flat-paneled cabinets with black pulls look, or perhaps deep gray with cool white pulls? Or you can try white, glass-paneled cabinets with silver pulls. Use your imagination and your own style here to really set your design apart.


Stainless steel is the ultimate in a clean, modern look. It is always elegant and timeless. However, you’re not limited to stainless steel, if you don’t want to be. Consider solid black or white appliances, perhaps with stainless steel accents.


There are so many options here. A wood floor would really set off white cabinets and appliances without looking too country. You can even try a concrete floor for an industrial look, or go with sleek tiles if you want something more timeless. The options are almost endless. Just make sure your selection can stand up to heavy foot traffic and the occasional dropped pot!

Our kitchen designers can help you put your ideas together and create the contemporary kitchen of your dreams.