Design, Supply, and Build: We Do It All for Your New Custom Kitchen and Bath Design

Bathroom Design, Kitchen Design

If you’ve sold your starter home or condo, and are now living in your “forever” home, or at least the home you plan to be in for a long time, you want that home to be a reflection of you, your personal taste, and your individual style. It’s no longer good enough to just have everything in this home be functional. It needs to also look great and have a little of who you are in it at the same time. Now you may be considering a renovation regarding two of the most important rooms in your home: the kitchen and the bathroom. If this is you and you live in the Toronto, Ontario area, why not stop by our Kitchen and Bath Studio located at 1200 Woodbine Avenue.

Kitchen and bath design is our passion at the Robert Webster Company and has been since 1957. We have a dedicated and professional staff of installers and craftsmen ready to customize your new kitchen and bathroom to suit all the style and individual tastes that will reflect your personality in your home. We take care of everything for your renovation needs in a three pronged approach:


We are always accessible and will walk you through every step of the design process, to ensure that we will be transforming your space into exactly the vision you have for your dream home.


We have an established relationship with our suppliers and work with only the finest materials, from European influenced cabinets, to high quality countertops, and more. Rest assured that your renovation will be constructed from only the best materials available in all of Canada.


Our expert team of installers and craftsmen are as dedicated to making your renovation project reflect your vision of your dream home as you are. Many of them have been with our company for more than twenty years and carry the pinnacle of expertise with them, on the job, every day.

“We aren’t happy with the job until you are. We will listen and provide helpful advice when needed to make sure that you end up with the bathroom or kitchen renovations that you really wanted all along, and will ensure that your project dreams are turned into reality. That is our commitment to you.” (Brett Webster, President)

Looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? The Robert Webster Company would be happy to provide you with a consultation in our showroom or in your home.