Granite Or Quartz Countertops?

Kitchen Design

Many people like the look of stone countertops in their kitchen, but are not sure which stone they should choose.

Two of the most popular choices for stone countertops are granite and quartz. To help inform your choice, here are some of the positive attributes of each.

Most people love granite countertops for their lustrous, glossy look and unique colour. We have heard customers say they almost look as though they are lit from within. For some people who are interested in creating a sophisticated, modern kitchen, granite is the only stone that will do.

Granite countertops are an investment, but they are one that does not readily depreciate. Having granite countertops adds to your home’s value because so many people like them that they are considered a selling point.

Granite is also incredibly strong. Since granite is formed by heat and pressure, the hot bottom of a pan for example, is nothing to be worried about.

Quartz countertops are less porous than granite, so quartz countertops do not need the periodic resurfacing that granite countertops do.

Quartz countertops also come in a greater variety of colours, textures and finishes, so they are more versatile. If your kitchen concept is more unique than your average, quartz countertops may be the way to go because it could be hard to find a granite that works with your vision.

Also, quartz countertops do not “off-gas” chemicals over time, the way some finished stone does, so some people consider quartz countertops to better for indoor air quality.

As far as manufacturers go, we are partial to Cambria and York Fabrica, both partner of ours and our go to sources for our clients renovations.

This is an extremely brief rundown about what is good about granite and quartz countertops. For further information, you are welcome to contact us.