Make Your Kitchen Renovation a Timeless One

Kitchen Design

A kitchen renovation is an important investment that adds value to your home, as well as years of happy returns from the memories you make within.

Homeowners seeking a kitchen renovation that’s both trendy and timeless will benefit from the following advice.

Our first recommendation is to consider a transitional design, which incorporates both classic and modern elements for a sleek, timeless look.  Homeowners are also increasingly removing ornamental hardware on cabinetry for a more masculine design.

Take note that the traditional work triangle (stove, refrigerator, sink) is giving way to a more restaurant-style workspace, with several different prep areas and even a second sink located in a center island.

With the ubiquitousness of electronics, kitchens are also accommodating a larger number of electrical outlets, both for small appliances and for charging electronics.  Kitchens are also becoming more of a gathering space for the whole family; meaning homework areas for children are often incorporated as well.

Additionally, homeowners are breaking up traditional cabinet blocks by installing a number of glass-fronted cabinets.  This adds visual interest to the space, and is also a great way to show off gorgeous dish sets.

Lastly, homeowners are upgrading with high-end appliances that bring both energy efficiency and a professional atmosphere into the kitchen.  For the aspiring gourmet, a six-burner stove or an extra-deep sink could be the centerpiece of your renovation.