4 Tips For Making Your Kitchen More Inviting During The Holidays

Kitchen Design

Having a kitchen where you actually enjoy cooking and hanging out will bring you many benefits. Not only will you be preparing your own meals, leading to a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones, you’ll also have a social space for reconnecting with family and friends. The holiday season, which already brings people together, is a great opportunity to start turning your kitchen into a social hub where your loved ones can gather to talk, cook together and enjoy all the delicious treats you’ve prepared.

To make your kitchen more social, here are some changes you might consider:

More Counter Space

Cluttered counters lead to less space for people to work together or even just hang around and talk. If your counters are cluttered with appliances, dish ware, and other items it may indicate that your cabinetry and shelving aren’t designed efficiently to store what you need.  Perhaps you should consider relocating some appliances to a niche in a wall or behind cabinet doors.  Or maybe there are things you can just get rid of.  Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that clean and uncluttered counters will make your kitchen look more spacious and inviting.  Sufficient counter space is especially important for smaller kitchens.

Kitchen Island

A well-designed kitchen island not only gives you more space to work and store things, it’s also a natural place where people can gather around to try out new food and talk.  Make sure though that the island fits in with the rest of your kitchen, and isn’t making it more difficult for people to move around the room.

Proper Ventilation

If the kitchen is stifling hot and airless or has collected a number of strong cooking odours, people won’t enjoy spending time there.  Different options are available for improving ventilation in your kitchen, including a more efficient exhaust fan or range hood.

Better Lighting

An inviting kitchen is well lit in multiple ways.  The room has enough general lighting to not look dark and cramped.  It also has adequate lighting at specific points in the room, such as a countertop where people need to prepare ingredients and really see what they’re working with in close detail.

A kitchen that’s more spacious, clean and well lit will invite people into it.  Whether you’re making cookies with your kids or sharing a cup of coffee with an old friend, your kitchen will be a place for people to reconnect. After all, your kitchen really is, the heart of your home.

If your looking for more was to improve your kitchen, contact us. We can help you with making your kitchen a warm and welcoming haven for your home.