Modern Kitchen Ideas for your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Design

Renovating your kitchen with a modern look creates crisp clean lines with a warm and inviting feeling.  The minimalist approach of modern kitchens makes them appear open and spacious focusing your attention on the overall beauty and not the small details and décor.  Homeowners looking for modern kitchen ideas will find a vast array of modern designs and products to fit their needs.

Cabinets & Countertops

Cabinets and countertops are the critical piece of a modern kitchen as they establish the lines and shape of the kitchen.  Flat front cabinets or opaque glass fronts are an ideal choice many of which are a solid color such as white, black or dark grey.  Many modern designs use a contrasting granite or concrete countertop color to create a dramatic look.


The majority of modern design appliances all feature stainless steel exteriors as they accent well with almost any cabinet color.  Ranges, refrigerators and microwaves come in modern designs that utilize a structural looks with straight lines based on squares and rectangles.


Flooring is another ideal way to add crisp lines into your modern kitchen.  The use of hardwood or laminate flooring allows you to contrast colors as well as sight lines by aligning the seams with cabinet lines.  Ceramic tiles are another alternative to add lines into your design with the option of either complementing or contrasting your existing colors.


The design of a modern kitchen calls for minimal décor pieces, which usually consist of small appliances and countertop items such as fruit bowls, wine rack and utensil bins.  Modern minimalist designs offer almost empty countertops and wall spaces to create the uncluttered clean and spacious look.