Small kitchen renovations: Enhancing the space without changing the size of the room

Kitchen Design

If you have a kitchen that’s on the small side, you may think that the only way to increase the amount of space in the room and make it appear larger is to actually knock down a wall or two and enlarge it. And while that’s always a possibility, sometimes such an undertaking would more complicated than what you’d like or unfeasible; if you live in a condo building, for instance, there may be little extra room to expand to.

However, there are ways of making a small kitchen appear more spacious and also give you more room to move around in it. The following are some of these small kitchen renovations:

Changing the color scheme

A small kitchen may look even more tiny and stifling if it’s painted in dark, drab colors. Brighter colors not only reflect light more, giving your kitchen an airier look, they also won’t make the boundaries of your kitchen so clearly defined.

Bringing in more light

You can bring in more external light by adding or broadening a window, or removing anything that blocks the light from coming through your existing windows; if possible, you can also install a skylight, as even a relatively small tube light will brighten up the room. Try also to replace the harsh glare of fluorescent lights with softer, gentler interior lighting that blurs the edges of the room, creating the illusion of more space. Adding some highly reflective surfaces, such as bright tiles or glass, can also increase the light in the room.

Selecting high-quality cabinetry and drawers

Not only will they make the kitchen look more elegant and beautiful in general, they’ll also allow you to use the existing space more comfortably. Instead of the kitchen being awash in clutter, which would make it appear smaller, you could have a greater number of items in storage; this would free up more room for you to work and move around, as well. You could have the cabinets designed to fit your particular space, so that you wouldn’t waste any available room along the walls.

Knocking down a wall, without increasing the size of the room

Instead of having a full wall between the kitchen, say, and the living room. You could open up a half-wall, or at least an opening between the rooms.  This will make the kitchen feel less cramped.

If you’re interested in more options or need to speak to a professional, we are always here to help. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation and we would be happy to discuss the multitude of options for enhancing your small kitchen space.