Tips For Making The Most Of The Limited Space In Small Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Design

As many of us are trying to make more efficient use of our living space, the kitchen is often an area where we like to focus.  Being one of the most used rooms in the home, we want it to be as warm and inviting as possible. Your smaller kitchen space can seem much larger and brighter with just a few little adjustments that will effectively trick the eye.

We all know that lighter colors will make a space appear more expansive and darker colors can make the smaller space seem cramped.  A completely white kitchen can seem rather sterile though so instead, consider a French Vanilla color that brings instant warmth to the space.

Here are a few other suggestions to take into consideration:

Glass Cabinet Doors

By choosing cabinets with glass doors rather than solid wood, the eye will naturally move all the way to the back of the cabinet, giving the illusion of more space.  Don’t make the mistake of having darker dishware on display behind that glass as this can make the space appear more crowded.

Recessed Storage

If your pantry or shelves are set back into the wall this will open up the kitchen space and remove obstacles that you would need to step around. Walls are often wide enough between rooms to accommodate this type of cabinetry, and this is especially true in older homes.

Let There Be Light

As much as possible.  Consider skylights and expansive windows as well as under-cabinet and track lighting to accentuate the positive.  LED lighting can be a great addition to a smaller kitchen space, and they are very inexpensive to operate.  The lighter colors of your kitchen will reflect this light and expand the space.

Using Dark Colors

The darkest colors like Deep Chocolate or Navy Blue will actually trick the mind and make the space appear to recede.  Painting one wall, or borders where you want the eye to stop and linger, is a good way to add visual interest to a light colored space.

Mirrors Are Magic

It’s probably the oldest trick in the interior designer’s book, but it’s true, a strategically placed mirror can instantly expand the smaller space.  If you install the mirror opposite a window, it will reflect the light, which brightens and creates the illusion of added space.

We really enjoy working with small kitchen layouts because they give us the opportunity to truly dazzle our clients with what can be achieved.  If you desire to improve a smaller living space, and you want a quality design team that prides itself on it’s attention to detail, we would love the opportunity to discuss your vision with you.